The best way to leave a life of recession is to keep pushing the bar of employment and creating more high paying jobs. There are some professions pushing the bar when it comes to benefits and compensation. These high paying professions happen to mostly be found in the fields of technology and finance. As less skilled occupations are feeling the pressure of automated systems and computer taking their place, more lucrative jobs that require human intellect are becoming more ideal to work in. These careers are do require college degree or special training as they are highly skilled professions. These are the 7 Best jobs for 2017.

7. HR Manager

Human resource managers play an important role in the success of all corporations. Human resource managers oversea all employee issues as well as customer satisfaction and complaints. HR managers play a huge role in the hiring process. Their job is to oversee the training of new employees and the overall success of new employees in the company. A Job as a Human-resources manager typically requires a master’s degree in human resources management, the job also requires good communication and people skills. HR managers make $ 85,000 per year and their are approximately 4,000 job openings in 2017 for this profession.

6. UX Designer

User experience Designers develop new interfaces that help users navigate through products. UX designers work on deciding which interfaces will feel better to users and how they will use the software or products. UX designers also help to troubleshoot any problem a user could encounter while using such products. User experience designers make $92,500 per year and there are currently 1,700 job openings for UX designers in 2017. User experiences designers are required to have a degree in computer science, graphic design or programming skills.

5. Marketing Manager

In 2017 with the raise of social media presence, many businesses are looking to stand out on social media platforms in attempt to bring more business in. In result, Marketing managers are becoming a trend in 2017 that is bring in big money. Many big companies are owned by people that may not be to familiar with the world of social media , Marketing managers are always computer savvy and are social media guru’s that are hired to real in online business. A marketing manager specializes in engaging with customers and carrying out marketing plans to increase profit. Marketing managers make around $90,000 per year and there are currently 3,800 job openings for this profession in 2017.

4. Database Administrator

A database administrator works with computers and database programs to monitor the data for corporations in a large variety of industries. Large corporations acquire large amounts of data that is extremely difficult to keep track of, this is where database administrators come in. Database administrators are usually required to have a degree in computer science or information technology and also experience working with database programs. Database administrators make around $93,000 per year, there are currently 3,800
job openings for database administrators in 2017.

3. Analytics Manager

An analytics manager is similar to a data administrator but instead of being responsible for monitoring data, analytics manager will study data and create new strategies for gaining more revenue. Analytics managers make $112,000 per year and the requirements include: good communication skills, programming skills, knowledge of analytic software and a degree in a STEM-related field such as math. There are currently 2,000 job openings for analytics managers in 2017 and this position is in high demand.

2. Tax Manager

At the end of each year , everyone including private and big businesses are mandated to file their taxes. With new Tax regulations in place each year, big businesses hire professional Tax managers to handle all their taxes. Especially when you consider the large volume of orders some businesses endure, it is ideal to hire a tax manager and that is why this job is in high demand. Tax managers make $110,000 per year and it has been noted that there are more than 3,300 job openings in 2017. Workers need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a similar field and a CPA certification along with experience.

1. Solutions architect

Solutions architect is a the most paid job out the whole list and could be arguably the best job to obtain. These special type of architect professionalize in documenting and developing technical designs to build usually for a customer. Solutions architect make around $125,000 per year and there are currently 2000+ job openings now in 2017.