Jobs come in all shapes and sizes and some are definitely cleaner than others. While it’s hard to put an objective rating on the cleanliness level of any job these jobs are definitely quite dirty.

While people interact with and often look down on fast food workers on a daily basis, there is no denying that this is not an easy job. In many places in addition to being the cashier the ‘team member’ will also be the one packing food and cleaning the restaurant. This includes the bathrooms. Just like with anything else it only takes one or two truly nasty people to make cleaning the bathrooms a very dirty job. Unmentionable things will get places that can only make you wonder how this happened and why any one would put that there. People can be quite disquieting at times. On top of this fast food restaurants are often visited by families with small children and while it isn’t really the toddler’s fault they didn’t quite make it to the trashcan with the tray or haven’t quite learned to cover up when coughing it still isn’t pleasant.

Another dirty job that most people don’t think much about is dog grooming. All that is seen of dog grooming is the end result with a beautiful animal. However even the friendliest dogs can be rambunctious and give enough kisses to a groomer that they look like they just got out of the shower. That is when the dogs are felling happy and not including the overexcited and very small dogs who pee when stressed. Washing dogs is also never an easy or clean job. As the dogs get larger so do the puddles that they leave and the amount of water they can store in their coat. This is a wonderful thing to surprise new employees with as the dog shakes dry. In addition to this from well groomed dogs there are always the new comers, those that live more active lifestyles, and of course those being rescued from less than ideal conditions.

If dirty jobs that don’t involve people are more appealing there is always farming. Most factory farms are quite crowded. A good example comes in a cage free turkey farm where although the animals are not caged they are not given a whole lot of room to roam. This means there is a whole lot of turkey waste on the floor and that is as bad as it sounds. Even when you are not working with foul the other animals are often kept in similarly small enclosures. Animals need a lot of care, cleaning, and attention. These dirty jobs mostly consist of keeping animals clean and healthy.

Another dirty job that doesn’t involve a lot of interaction with other people is a sanitation worker. This dirty job keeps you working with actual trash and all of the things that people throw a way. In addition to this there is no guarantee that bags won’t break, everything will even be in a bag, or that disturbing discoveries won’t be made about people in any particular neighborhood.

Last on the list is a dirty job that also involves cleaning up after people. Although when moving out of an apartment it is expected that people do their best to clean this doesn’t always happen. There have been many times when a person on their way out will trash an apartment out of spite. Even when the damage was not done out of spite it can be quite a challenge to make a well lived in apartment look like new again and ready to rent out again. Mildew builds up in places rarely seen and water damage from over-enthusiastic children will often cause unseen issues in hard to reach places. Not to mention that people rarely are able to clean under ovens or refrigerators. This goes double for any one who is unable to move these extremely heavy appliances without help and simply never has the opportunity.

This is far from an extensive list. Dirty jobs are all around us and are often the ones we rely on to live a civilized modern life. It’s time we give these jobs more respect.