The Ten Most Dangerous Jobs

The next time you are sitting at your desk at work staring at the clock to turn five, think about people who risk their lives every day for their job. The U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics, Center for Disease Control, Occupational Safety and the Health Administration were able to compile a list of the ten most dangerous jobs. Trade organization data helped provide the information from different sectors. These sectors include: healthcare, transportation, civil service agriculture and construction.

Construction workers have topped the list numerous years and it’s not exactly surprising to know why. They make an average salary of $34,000 per year. Roof workers also stand the risk of sunburn or destroying their fingers with hammers and nails. There is also the risk of falling off the roof or a ladder.

Logging workers have fatality rate of 110.9 percent her 100,000 workers. Their average salary is $37,000 per year. Loggers risk their life every day working with huge machinery out in the wilderness. No one can predict mother nature, so anything can happen or fall on them during bad weather. The housing market has boomed again which is attracting the need for workers who are inexperienced.

If you have seen the television show Deadliest Catch then you already know how terrifying the job of a fisherman can be. This is not one of the most dangerous jobs in America, it is around the world. These fisherman have to deal with malfunctioning fishing equipment in the worst of weather. For fishing these dangerous seas, their average income is only $30,000. Sailors and marine workers can also be included in this category.

Aircraft pilots and flight engineers make a little more for their dangerous profession. Their average income is around $120,000 per year. While the job has always been dangerous, it became seriously dangerous after the terror attacks on America in 2011. An airplane can malfunction at any time, even run out of fuel. Being stuck in the sky is probably the scariest place to be when something goes wrong.

Refuse and recyclable material collectors face not only a dirty job but a dangerous one as well. The fatality rate is a whopping 35.8 percent per 100,000 trash collectors. There are so many hazards they can face such as; broken glass, caustic chemicals, having to accidental handle syringes and contract diseases. Trash collectors can also get caught in the hydraulic lifts as well.

Mining machine operators or coal miners face an extremely high risk of death. The normal part of their job consists of cave-ins, lung and respiratory problems, flooding and elevator problems. Mine explosions since 1880 have taken the lives of thousands. Luckily in 2011, improved conditions have decreased the death rate in coal mining. That being said, it is still one of the most dangerous jobs in America.

Power and utility workers face a higher risk of fatality compared to a Fireman or Police Man. They have to work climbing ladies stories high and the risk of surges in electricity. Not only that, they are exposed to dangerous substances in the environment they are working in.

Truck drivers are on the road for days at a time running the risk of falling asleep at the wheel. They are also subject to thousands of other drivers possibly running into them. If a truck driver slams on his brakes it takes them 20-40% farther than regular cars to stop. When big rigs are struck by another vehicle it is easy for them to blow up in flames or topple upside down. Taxi drivers and chauffeurs can also be included in this category.

It’s pretty self explanatory to mention that explosive workers have a dangerous job. The fatality rate is 0.39 percent per 1,000 employees. These brave souls have to detonate complicated explosive devices and pray it doesn’t blow up literally in their face. They also face the risk of being shot in the line of duty just as any police officer would.

Ending the list of a dangerous job are animal trainers. The fatality rate of this career is 0.53 percent per 1,000 animal trainers. Animal trainers that train with larger animals in the wild such as; whales and elephants poise a greater risk then those who may train a tiger or monkey.

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Top 5 dirty Jobs

Jobs come in all shapes and sizes and some are definitely cleaner than others. While it’s hard to put an objective rating on the cleanliness level of any job these jobs are definitely quite dirty.

While people interact with and often look down on fast food workers on a daily basis, there is no denying that this is not an easy job. In many places in addition to being the cashier the ‘team member’ will also be the one packing food and cleaning the restaurant. This includes the bathrooms. Just like with anything else it only takes one or two truly nasty people to make cleaning the bathrooms a very dirty job. Unmentionable things will get places that can only make you wonder how this happened and why any one would put that there. People can be quite disquieting at times. On top of this fast food restaurants are often visited by families with small children and while it isn’t really the toddler’s fault they didn’t quite make it to the trashcan with the tray or haven’t quite learned to cover up when coughing it still isn’t pleasant.

Another dirty job that most people don’t think much about is dog grooming. All that is seen of dog grooming is the end result with a beautiful animal. However even the friendliest dogs can be rambunctious and give enough kisses to a groomer that they look like they just got out of the shower. That is when the dogs are felling happy and not including the overexcited and very small dogs who pee when stressed. Washing dogs is also never an easy or clean job. As the dogs get larger so do the puddles that they leave and the amount of water they can store in their coat. This is a wonderful thing to surprise new employees with as the dog shakes dry. In addition to this from well groomed dogs there are always the new comers, those that live more active lifestyles, and of course those being rescued from less than ideal conditions.

If dirty jobs that don’t involve people are more appealing there is always farming. Most factory farms are quite crowded. A good example comes in a cage free turkey farm where although the animals are not caged they are not given a whole lot of room to roam. This means there is a whole lot of turkey waste on the floor and that is as bad as it sounds. Even when you are not working with foul the other animals are often kept in similarly small enclosures. Animals need a lot of care, cleaning, and attention. These dirty jobs mostly consist of keeping animals clean and healthy.

Another dirty job that doesn’t involve a lot of interaction with other people is a sanitation worker. This dirty job keeps you working with actual trash and all of the things that people throw a way. In addition to this there is no guarantee that bags won’t break, everything will even be in a bag, or that disturbing discoveries won’t be made about people in any particular neighborhood.

Last on the list is a dirty job that also involves cleaning up after people. Although when moving out of an apartment it is expected that people do their best to clean this doesn’t always happen. There have been many times when a person on their way out will trash an apartment out of spite. Even when the damage was not done out of spite it can be quite a challenge to make a well lived in apartment look like new again and ready to rent out again. Mildew builds up in places rarely seen and water damage from over-enthusiastic children will often cause unseen issues in hard to reach places. Not to mention that people rarely are able to clean under ovens or refrigerators. This goes double for any one who is unable to move these extremely heavy appliances without help and simply never has the opportunity.

This is far from an extensive list. Dirty jobs are all around us and are often the ones we rely on to live a civilized modern life. It’s time we give these jobs more respect.

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Making money being a Las Vegas Escort

Many people are seeing that they can make a significant amount of money becoming a Las Vegas escort. Being an escort does not take training or require schoolwork or a degree, can be enjoyable work, and may not have the stress that a typical nine to five job does do. Having said that, there are a number of considerations that an escort will need to review when becoming one and these considerations should be part of the decision-making process to be an escort.
Asian Escorts in Vegas
Independent or AgencyWhen you become an escort in Las Vegas, you will need to determine if you will be an independent escort or work through an escort agency. There are risks and benefits with both options and careful consideration will need to be performed by each person considering being an escort.

Independent escorts work on their own and will acquire their own clients as well as collect payment from them, verify them, and schedule accommodations. Independent escorts will also need to market themselves and set up their own website. While these factors can be an involved process, and there are risks associated with not working through an escort agency, the primary benefit is that there will be no escort fee charged by the agency. As such independent escorts will be able to collect the full amounts that they collect from clients, less their expenses.

Agency escorts will pay a fee to the agency, or rather have it collected from the client. This agency feel will vary significantly based on the agency that they work for. However, there are many benefits that agencies provide to escorts. Escort agencies offer protection to their customers and employees by performing checks on patrons and escorts and having a third party informed of where you are at all moments. In an industry that has some risk associated with it, this is a big benefit to those who are seeking to work in the escort agency. Escort agencies will attract clients for the escort, either through their advertising or with their reputation. Either way, this can result in higher quality clients and more money for the escort themselves. Finally, escort agencies provide an added level of anonymity for an escort and help to protect them in that manner.

Charges and How to Market Yourself

How you represent yourself and how well you market yourself as an
an escort may greatly imp the amount of money that you will be able to earn with escorting. Asian Las Vegas escorts who market themselves as luxury escorts can pull in a significant amount of money and if you have the looks and desire to market yourself in this manner you can potentially earn a significant return as a luxury escort. Marketing yourself as a luxury escort often involves adopting a persona that many are attracted to and may involve interacting heavily with potential contacts and maintaining a modern blog and website. This may not be how you want to orient yourself in the escort market so be aware of how you market yourself and the impact that this will have on the rates that you will be able to charge customers that you are pursuing.

Time and Dedication to Escorting

There is a busy time for Las Vegas escorts, namely nights and weekends. If you are looking to make significant amounts of money in escorting you will likely need to make yourself available during these periods of time. However, many pursue escorting to make part-time money to provide some financial support and may need to fit it around their life obligations.

Knowing Your Boundaries

One way to make more money in escorting is to step outside the normal course of things and do more than other escorts may be willing to. Sometimes this involves being willing to role play or may involve specific acts that others may find taboo. Know your boundaries, but consider extending them if it is financially lucrative to do so. Vegas escorts for hire who are willing to go these extra steps can make significantly more money.

Escorting can be a great way to make money. many people are looking for Vegas escorts for hire and you can cash in on this demand and support yourself financially. Consider whether this type of work would appeal to you, your boundaries when doing so, as well as the time you are willing to dedicate to being an escort. In addition, be aware of the type of escort you would like to be and how to market yourself, and get started making money escorting.

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7 best jobs for 2017 offer high pay, good growth

The best way to leave a life of recession is to keep pushing the bar of employment and creating more high paying jobs. There are some professions pushing the bar when it comes to benefits and compensation. These high paying professions happen to mostly be found in the fields of technology and finance. As less skilled occupations are feeling the pressure of automated systems and computer taking their place, more lucrative jobs that require human intellect are becoming more ideal to work in. These careers are do require college degree or special training as they are highly skilled professions. These are the 7 Best jobs for 2017.

7. HR Manager

Human resource managers play an important role in the success of all corporations. Human resource managers oversea all employee issues as well as customer satisfaction and complaints. HR managers play a huge role in the hiring process. Their job is to oversee the training of new employees and the overall success of new employees in the company. A Job as a Human-resources manager typically requires a master’s degree in human resources management, the job also requires good communication and people skills. HR managers make $ 85,000 per year and their are approximately 4,000 job openings in 2017 for this profession.

6. UX Designer

User experience Designers develop new interfaces that help users navigate through products. UX designers work on deciding which interfaces will feel better to users and how they will use the software or products. UX designers also help to troubleshoot any problem a user could encounter while using such products. User experience designers make $92,500 per year and there are currently 1,700 job openings for UX designers in 2017. User experiences designers are required to have a degree in computer science, graphic design or programming skills.

5. Marketing Manager

In 2017 with the raise of social media presence, many businesses are looking to stand out on social media platforms in attempt to bring more business in. In result, Marketing managers are becoming a trend in 2017 that is bring in big money. Many big companies are owned by people that may not be to familiar with the world of social media , Marketing managers are always computer savvy and are social media guru’s that are hired to real in online business. A marketing manager specializes in engaging with customers and carrying out marketing plans to increase profit. Marketing managers make around $90,000 per year and there are currently 3,800 job openings for this profession in 2017.

4. Database Administrator

A database administrator works with computers and database programs to monitor the data for corporations in a large variety of industries. Large corporations acquire large amounts of data that is extremely difficult to keep track of, this is where database administrators come in. Database administrators are usually required to have a degree in computer science or information technology and also experience working with database programs. Database administrators make around $93,000 per year, there are currently 3,800
job openings for database administrators in 2017.

3. Analytics Manager

An analytics manager is similar to a data administrator but instead of being responsible for monitoring data, analytics manager will study data and create new strategies for gaining more revenue. Analytics managers make $112,000 per year and the requirements include: good communication skills, programming skills, knowledge of analytic software and a degree in a STEM-related field such as math. There are currently 2,000 job openings for analytics managers in 2017 and this position is in high demand.

2. Tax Manager

At the end of each year , everyone including private and big businesses are mandated to file their taxes. With new Tax regulations in place each year, big businesses hire professional Tax managers to handle all their taxes. Especially when you consider the large volume of orders some businesses endure, it is ideal to hire a tax manager and that is why this job is in high demand. Tax managers make $110,000 per year and it has been noted that there are more than 3,300 job openings in 2017. Workers need a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or a similar field and a CPA certification along with experience.

1. Solutions architect

Solutions architect is a the most paid job out the whole list and could be arguably the best job to obtain. These special type of architect professionalize in documenting and developing technical designs to build usually for a customer. Solutions architect make around $125,000 per year and there are currently 2000+ job openings now in 2017.

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