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Top 25 VMware Blogs Updated

7blog-vsphere-land Another 6 months have come and gone and Eric Siebert has just updated his Top 25 VMware/Virtualization Blogs. I’m proud to say that VM /ETC remains in the top 10. As of the latest voting, this blog holds the number 7 spot. In my opinion, the number of VMware and virtualization blogs seems to have sky rocketed in 2009, and every blog is an incredible, quality virtualization resource. Considering I was lazy and missed the opportunity to publish a campaign post during the recent voting period, I am truly honored to remain in the top 10. Thanks to everyone who voted for! I am once again inspired to “keep up the good work”.

Siebert has published a couple posts explaining the total voting results and his process of determining the ranking order. It is a lot more complex than one might think. Check out these links for more info:

    If you did not already know, Siebert also maintains the vLaunchpad – a web page of links to all virtualization blogs, news, and resources. Look for the vLaunchpad to be updated soon with the latest rankings as well.

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    Vote For Your Favorite VMware Blogs

    Eric Siebert is asking the community to vote for their favorite Top 5 VMware Blogs. From the post Here’s your chance to pick the top VMware blogs:

    “I have a hard time picking the top blogs from the many great ones that are out there. I initially started with a top 10 and recently expanded it to the top 20 as more and more blogs have started. In this post I outline my blog selection criteria for the top 20 and it’s no easy task for me to pick them and rate them in order. Well here’s the chance for you to pick the top 5 of my top 20 blog list using this new survey form that I created. You can pick from the current top 20 which you can see on my vLaunchpad,or choose other and add one that is not on the list. The survey will be open for 2 weeks, afterwords I’ll announce the results and update my vLaunchpad accordingly.”

    Siebert’s list has evolved to the unofficial, official rankings over time. So show your love for VM /ETC by voting.

    Take the survey here

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