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VMworld Europe 2009 Link Summary from

In a fashion that I’m sure makes Eric Seibert of proud, Duncan Epping has posted a page full of VMworld Europe 2009 links. Since my coverage slackened after Day 1 of the conference last week, I appreciate Duncan’s list of links too. The list is organized into several sections:

  • Keynote 1 wrap us
  • Keynote 2 wrap ups
  • Announcements
  • Hands-on Labs
  • Sessions
  • Various

Duncan’s links are to the 4 blogs of VMworld Europe attendees who he thinks provided the best coverage and includes  photos, videos, and text summaries.

Eric published a summary list of VMworld 2008 links last fall.

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Top 10 Blogs VMware Admins Must Read Rankings Updated

Eric Seibert has updated his popular Top 10 Blogs VMware Administrators Should Read rankings, and VM /ETC is still honored to still be listed as number 7. Here are Eric’s current rankings:

(1) Yellow Bricks (Duncan Epping) – 9
(2) (Scott Lowe) – 2
(3) Mike D’s Virtualization Blog (Mike DePetrillo) – New
(4) (Eric Sloof) – 6
(5) SearchServerVirtualization Blog (Various) – 3
(6) Virtualization Pro (Various) – 4
(7) VM /ETC (Rich Brambley) – 5
(8) RTFM Education (Mike Laverick) – 1
(9) Rational Survivability (Christofer Hoff) – 8
(10) Virtual Geek (Chad Sakac) – New

The number at the end of each row is the previous ranking held by each blog. Follow the link above to the actual list on for a brief description of each blogger and an overview of their site.

Be sure to also check out Eric’s LaunchPad for many more links to blogs, news, and must have VMware virtualization knowledge.

Thanks again, Eric!

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