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Using vSphere Client on Ubuntu Linux with Single Application RDP

I have periodically attempted different methods for running the VMware vSphere and VI Client (VIC) on Ubuntu. While continuing to keep my fingers crossed for VMware to release a Linux version, I’ve tried several workarounds only to remain unsatisfied:

  • installing the VIC with Wine
  • Locally running Windows virtual machines in either Virtualbox or VMware Workstation/Player
  • Used the ESX web client when possible (features are limited)
  • Used a full Remote Desktop to vCenter

The method with the least pre-configuration necessary has always been a remote desktop with the VIC already installed, but there is always some untimely inconvenience involved when working between two different desktops.

Long story short, the rest of this post is about using the default Ubuntu Terminal Server Client to access a single application via RDP. This is perfect for using the vSphere Client or VIC on Linux. It does not require a “published application” or full Terminal Server, but instead it is a simple way to take advantage of the administrative RDP connection from the standard Remote Desktop access available on any Windows operating system.

Before I describe how to set this up I want to also reference my first try at RDP directly to the vSphere Client and VIC. Afterall, Continue reading



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