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Virtualization Humor This Week

There were a couple of virtualization related things that made me laugh this week, and since it’s Friday I thought I would pass them along for those that might have missed them.

You Might Be A vDiva If …

Jon Owings’ post on his 2 VCPs and A Truck Blog is definitely worth the quick read. You’ll be sure to get a long laugh. The comments are as good as the post itself, so be sure to scroll all the way down. I’m betting even Jeff Foxworthy will be proud of this effort if he ever stumbles across this one.

I added several of my own vDiva-isms in Jon’s post comments. Here’s just a few I created to give you an idea of the fun:

You might be a vDiva if …

  • Your notebook is an iSCSI target
  • You think SEX is a spelling error
  • You’ve ever called your children linked clones
  • You describe yourself at work as thin provisioned and over allocated

Put My Data Center In The Cloud

I found the video “A better way to cloud computing” posted on (and YouTube). Like a vDiva, this one needs no introduction either.

Enjoy the embedded copy below.

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