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Using VMs for physical server disaster recovery

One of the advantages of a virtual infrastructure is the ability to cost effectively replicate your production systems to a secondary disaster recovery environment. Not only can you do this with virtual machines, but there are now several options available to allow physical servers to be replicated to a stand-by VM. This post will briefly cover several products and solutions and provide multiple commercial options and a free alternative. Continue reading

Free P2V or V2P using Windows Backup

If you have the time you can migrate Windows physical servers to virtual machines (P2V) or virtual machines back to physical servers (V2P) with Windows Backup. Use VMware Converter or your P2V tool of choice for faster conversions. VMware Converter Starter Edition is free, but you can’t use ESX as a destination.

Here’s a high level walk through of how it’s done with Windows Backup: Continue reading



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