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thin provisioning

VIRTUMANIA Episode 5: Sir Mix-A-Lot Storage Virtualization

Episode 5 brings you more VIRTUMANIA from the usual VIRTUMANIACS! Rick Vanover again joins Marc and I along with special guests Devang Panchigar and Chris Evans  for a great talk about storage virtualization. Devang, Chris, Rick and I were all in Houston, TX for the HP StorageWorks Tech Day listening and learning about HP’s storage virtualization solutions so we decided to extend the conversation! The following is the podcast summary:

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 5Sir Mix-A-Lot Storage Virtualization. Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC and Marc Farley (@3parfarley) of 3Par and co host along with regular Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) of Devang Panchigar (@storagenerve) of and Chris Evans (@chrismevans) of join as special guests. This week’s episode wanders through various storage virtualization options, references several vendors’ storage virtualization solutions, explores different storage design considerations in virtual environments, and expands on current and future storage integration with hypervisor management. Thanks to Greg Knieriemen (@knieriemen) of Chi Corporation for this Infosmack Production.

I’ll point out that Episode 5 was extremely challenging to record. With 4 of the 6 participants on the podcast sharing the same wifi from the HPStorageDay hotel, along with all the other bloggers and geeks online too, we had to stop and restart the conversation numerous times. Greg Knieriemen makes it all better with his post editing magic, however! You’ll still hear some audio quality issues throughout the episode, but you have no idea really what it was like – thanks to Greg!!

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The following links offer more information on some of the storage virtualization topics mentioned in VIRTUMANIA Episode 5:

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Real Thin Provisioning And Over Allocation – The VI Admin

I’ve already mentioned (and posted) about the vSphere Blog Contest current topic of thin provisioning, but I’ve been thinking about another “product” that has always functioned thin provisioned – The VI administrator. That’s right, I’m talking about the guys and gals that manage all the hypervisor hosts, the server and desktop virtual machines, the networking, and the storage.

Have you thought about the systems to administrator ratios we work under these days? Sure, server consolidation to virtual infrastructure has enabled doing more with less, but is there a better way to explain thin provisioning and over allocation than by looking at the small teams responsible for the virtualized data center? I say not!!

This is my small VM /ETC tribute to the ones who truly are “thin provisioned and over allocated”.

vmetc thin provisioned

Do me a favor, leave a comment letting everyone know how many administrators are on your team and how many VMs you are responsible for. I expect the numbers to be staggering!

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