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VIRTUMANIA Episode 10: Rooters, Hummers, and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

In VIRTUMANIA episode 10 Theron Conrey and Simon Wardley join Marc and me for closer look at the open source Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. The following is the podcast summary:

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 10Rooters, Hummers, and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Hosted by Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC and Marc Farley (@3parfarley) of 3Par and Theron Conrey (@theronconrey / joins us as we explore Ubuntu’s Enterprise Cloud with Simon Wardley (@swardley of Canonical.  Simon explains how hypervisors are quickly becoming commodities, discusses his OSCON presentation on Why The Cloud Really Matters, reveals how Ubuntu’s partnership with Eucalyptus provides an open source alternative for IaaS, and compares Ubuntu’s cloud to the implementation and features of other popular commercial cloud infrastructures. Thanks to Greg Knieriemen (@knieriemen) for this Infosmack Production.

Off topic conversation this week includes a call to action for more steering wheel camera videos and how to order half of a lobster in Denmark!

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