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Obama’s TIGR Team Considers Cloud Computing for Government Transformation

The group has published a video on YouTube titled Inside the Transition: Technology, Innovation and Government. In this 4 minute video the Technology Innovation and Reform Team (TIGR) discusses how the U.S. Government has fallen behind in technology and how the new administration will implement and explore modern web applications to provide services, lower costs of operations, and provide better transparency to the people. At about 2:50 into the video, cloud computing is recognized as a way to drastically reduce the cost of Information Technology compared to traditional server infrastructure, and the shift to cloud computing will be one of the most important transformations the Federal Government will go through.

Earlier this week I posted about Obama’s Citizen Briefing Book and the need to vote up virtualization ideas for the new administration. The virtualization idea is obviously related to this video, and it’s great to see the TIGR team and the new administration focused on advancing cloud computing technology in our Government.

I found out about the video from Continue reading

Vote Up Virtualization in Obama’s Citizen Briefing Book

Mike Dipetrillo posted about an idea for pushing a Government wide virtualization initiative that was entered in the Citizen Briefing Book being assembled for Barack Obama. It may be too late since the book was being closed at 6 pm on January 19, but I wanted to help get the word out for support both now and in the future, and I am asking all VM /ETC readers to take less than 60 seconds to try to still move it higher on the list by clicking the Vote Up button.

The idea:

“Push a government-wide IT virtualization initiative to reduce the carbon-footprint of our planned digital health records system by 80+%.

Mandate a review of existing federal IT infrastructure to find opportunities for consolidating servers and reducing datacenter energy requirements with a minimum 10 to 1 consolidation ratio.

Mike’s post is titled Help the US Government Go Green.

According to the web site’s Newsroom Blog post Wrapping up the Citizen’s Briefing Book by Dan McSwain: Continue reading



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