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Vote Up Virtualization in Obama’s Citizen Briefing Book

Mike Dipetrillo posted about an idea for pushing a Government wide virtualization initiative that was entered in the Citizen Briefing Book being assembled for Barack Obama. It may be too late since the book was being closed at 6 pm on January 19, but I wanted to help get the word out for support both now and in the future, and I am asking all VM /ETC readers to take less than 60 seconds to try to still move it higher on the list by clicking the Vote Up button.

The idea:

“Push a government-wide IT virtualization initiative to reduce the carbon-footprint of our planned digital health records system by 80+%.

Mandate a review of existing federal IT infrastructure to find opportunities for consolidating servers and reducing datacenter energy requirements with a minimum 10 to 1 consolidation ratio.

Mike’s post is titled Help the US Government Go Green.

According to the web site’s Newsroom Blog post Wrapping up the Citizen’s Briefing Book by Dan McSwain: Continue reading



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