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Disable Debug Mode In VMware Player Or Workstation Betas

If you are exploring the latest beta version of VMware Workstation or Player you are not getting access to the full performance of the application due to debug mode being enabled by default. Sure I want to help in the development process, but there are times I just want to experience the bliss of reveling in the latest application improvements at top performance. For these times, this post documents a couple of ways others have successfully turned off debug mode for VMware Workstation on Windows and on suggests how to do the same on Linux. This post also points out that disabling debug mode in the free VMware Player is not an option.

Although I’ve received a similar notice when running beta VMware Workstation on my systems, I most recently have been exploring the Player 3.1 Beta. The following screen shot shows the debug mode pop up notification whenever a VM is powered on.


Disable Debug Mode In VMware Workstation on Windows

Here’s one of the latest VMware Communities threads explaining how to do it: Turn off Beta Debug mode. As described in the forum thread, the answer to disabling debug mode could be this simple:

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