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First Person Shooter As A Service

Are you confused from trying to figure out what exactly The Cloud is? Have you given up trying to determine if you want your software, platform, or infrastructure delivered as a service? Do you even care if a cloud is private, public, or hybrid any more? When you reach that point, maybe it’s time to frag some frustration away in a death match?! Better yet, what if that frag fest can be joined from a web browser, saves all of your settings on the internet, and provides the same experience from any computer whether running Windows or Linux? From both IE and Firefox? Let’s call this kind of (arguably) cloud offering FPSaaS – First Person Shooter As A Service. 

Believe it or not, it exists already and it’s free. ID Software has created the Quake 3 based game site

After creating an account, installing a browser plug in, and a quick download of some local content needed for game play you are ready to participate. Various game data such as maps are updated when you join matches. You can practice against Bots or unleash your wrath on combatants around the world. Choose from Free For All, Capture The Flag, Clan Arena, and several other modes of play. QuakeLive keeps track of your stats so you can see how well (or poorly in my case) you battle.

What else is there to say? Go check it out. Look me up when you do. I play as VMETC_01.qlive player profile

Maybe we should start a VIRTUMANIA night once a week? Leave a comment if you are interested.

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VIRTUMANIA Episode 10: Rooters, Hummers, and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud

In VIRTUMANIA episode 10 Theron Conrey and Simon Wardley join Marc and me for closer look at the open source Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. The following is the podcast summary:

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 10Rooters, Hummers, and the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Hosted by Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC and Marc Farley (@3parfarley) of 3Par and Theron Conrey (@theronconrey / joins us as we explore Ubuntu’s Enterprise Cloud with Simon Wardley (@swardley of Canonical.  Simon explains how hypervisors are quickly becoming commodities, discusses his OSCON presentation on Why The Cloud Really Matters, reveals how Ubuntu’s partnership with Eucalyptus provides an open source alternative for IaaS, and compares Ubuntu’s cloud to the implementation and features of other popular commercial cloud infrastructures. Thanks to Greg Knieriemen (@knieriemen) for this Infosmack Production.

Off topic conversation this week includes a call to action for more steering wheel camera videos and how to order half of a lobster in Denmark!

Listen to the podcast with the embedded player or subscribe to get a weekly copy so you can listen when convenient.

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Check out the VM /ETC VIRTUMANIA Page to listen to past episodes as well as episodes of Infosmack.

The following links offer more information on some of the topics, blog posts, and products mentioned in VIRTUMANIA Episode 10:

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VMware PEX 2010: My Wrap Up

What a week in Las Vegas at VMware Partner Exchange 2010! For all those that complained just 4 months ago that VMworld 2009 was disappointing because the announcements were few and far between, all I can say is, based on what I watched, experienced, and touched this week at PEX 2010, VMware should grab your attention again soon! Unfortunately, so much of what was discussed falls under the VMware Partner NDA that I’ll have to ask VM /ETC readers to wait for the technology to become public. We’ll have plenty to discuss when it does.

For now I’ll quickly wrap up my week and drop some hints about VMware’s future direction based on my understanding about what I saw during the PTAB meetings, the Keynotes, and the Hands On and Self Paced Labs. I’m also linking to some reactions from others to support my impressions.

The official VMware News Release for Partner Exchange can be found at this link:

VMware Partner Exchange 2010 Kicks Off With Record-breaking 2,600+ Attendees, 55 Sponsors and 45 Countries Represented

PTAB: Cloud Infrastructure and Virtual Desktops

I knew what was on the Partner Technical Advisory Board meeting agenda before I arrived, but I have to admit I was still pleasantly surprised. In short, the two day meeting was split by topics. We talked about virtual servers on Day 1 and virtual desktops on Day 2.

The server discussions included everything from possible future enhancements to the vStorage API to details about Project Redwood architecture. Discussions included a mix of vSphere roadmap possibilities and potential directions of VMware in the private and hosted cloud. VMware is serious about Platform as a Service, Infrastructure as a Service, and Software as a Service, and the slides presented to the PTAB committee revealed a considerable strategy to make it happen. I’ll just say it is a lot clearer to me where exactly Zimbra and SpringSource fit into VMware’s future plans.

Switching to the second day and to the topic of virtual desktops,

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VMware PEX 2010: Fun And Games

Although my busy VMware Partner Exchange 2010 schedule included various meetings, break out sessions, company dinners, conference parties, and vendor receptions, a daily dose of social networking was found in between it all. Oh yeah, Las Vegas was a part of the equation as well. Here’s a quick list of my extra curricular conference highlights:

  • It “cost me” $140 to learn how to play Craps at the Tropicana, but I had a blast with my Softchoice co-workers while rolling some dice! At some point I was actually up $35, but that was a fleeting moment in time. I’m sure many others can tell similar stories with much larger amounts of cash than me.
  • I can now personally guide anyone using all means of transport between the Mandalay Bay, Excaliber, The Luxor, New York, New York, and Tropicana casinos. My legs are tired, but I have some great memories scattered at various points now on that end of the Vegas strip!
  • Like the Thirsty Bear was during VMworld 2009, The Nine Fine Irishmen seemed to be a common stop for me during PEX2010.

I’ve created a photo collage of some of the good times, and for those that are curious about the #PEX3WORD goings on last week I’ve got a summary report at the end of the post.

Photo Collage

Here’s a collage of images from my week captured with my cell phone camera. Popular Twitter names pictured in various images are vseanclark, vmdoug, theronconrey, djroberts, asweemer, sakacc (really small in front of the tailgate party big screen), herrod (on stage during keynote), stockberger, and bknudtson.

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VMware PEX 2010: News And Announcements

Here’s some links, thoughts, and general information surrounding some of the announcements that caught my attention during the VMware Partner Exchange 2010 conference. This is by no means and inclusive list of every press release and announcement made during the conference. To be honest, I wouldn’t doubt that I missed something more significant than the handful of news listed here. Let me know if I did!

The VMware Express

I personally toured the 18 wheeler on Monday evening before the Conference Kickoff Reception. I would recommend VM /ETC readers catch this VMware View demo center on wheels when it rolls through your town.

“The VMware Express  is a datacenter and demo environment on wheels and it will be crossing the U.S. and Canada over the next year letting you, our customers get hands on with the latest and greatest technologies in your own back yard.”

NetApp’s Vaughn Stewart has a nice post about the VMware Express with great photos from inside the truck. There is also another half dozen blog posts in the form of

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If You Were An OEM Facing The Cloud What Would You Do?

Before the Alliance, Coalition, and Partnership start the Cloud Wars, everybody raise your Guinness and say “Brilliant!”

YouTube Guinness Brilliant Six Pack Commercial

It’s obvious now that Cloud Computing is no longer just a concept. Amazon EC2 has been around for a while, vCloud Express was announced late last year, Microsoft is moving full steam ahead with Azure, and new internal cloud infrastructure and storage solutions are appearing on the scene weekly. CTOs and IT Directors are starting to see legitimate solutions for offloading some or all of their development and production workload and infrastructure to alternatives in The Cloud.

Put yourself at the helm of one of the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s (OEMs) that have made their money selling server, switch and storage hardware in the private data center to date. Faced with the future possibility that companies will have an option to run applications and services on infrastructure they don’t buy, build, or maintain, what would be your strategy for generating reoccuring business in the future?

I bring it up because of all the cloud architecture announcements. EMC announced a coalition with Cisco and VMware, NetApp has a Secure Multi Tennancy alliance with Cisco and VMware, and HP has announced an Integrated Infrastructure partnership with Microsoft. The storage OEMs are the first out the gate with the snap together infrastrucure for the cloud, but I imagine other hardware partnerships are not too far behind. VMware and Cisco UCS may already be the first with Microsoft and HP? Microsoft and VMware conveniently can run on top if it all.

Before the Alliance, Coalition, and Partnership start the Cloud Wars, everybody raise your Guinness and say “Brilliant!”

It’s brilliant because Continue reading

How Long Until I Check VMware vMail?

VMware is purchasing Zimbra, a messaging and collaboration software company, from Yahoo!. Already one of the most popular virtual appliances available for download in VMware’s Virtual Appliance Marketplace, Zimbra will now be optimized for VMware vSphere and probably be offered as a standard service in VMware hosted cloud offerings such as vCloud Express. Eventually I would expect to see Zimbra imported and exported as a vApp for the federated, private vSphere cloud environment. As for now, Zimbra is running more than 55 million mailboxes for both SMB customers as well as in hosted environments that arguably have instantly become VMware customers.

There is no doubt that VMware will provide support, enable high availability, ensure live backup and DR site fail over, as well as  develop scale, automation, monitoring and management capabilities for virtualized Zimbra. The fact that VMware is acquiring a large percentage of SMB mail accounts could mean that virtualizing those servers (if they are not already) will provide the first shining, every day business application in the cloud examples.

VMware CTO Steve Herod explains on his personal blog that purchasing Zimbra is part of VMware’s strategy to simplify IT:

“VMware’s mission is to simplify IT, and every VMware product focuses on attacking the complexity and rigidity that has crept into this world. In many ways we see the excitement over cloud computing to be a longing for a simpler, more flexible way of doing computing. The VMware strategy is to help customers achieve cloud-like efficiency and operational improvements across the major IT infrastructure investment areas.”

Other reports I’ve read seem to suggest that Continue reading



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