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Watching NCAA March Madness in a VirtualBox VM hosted on Kubuntu

March Madness in VirtualBox

March Madness in VirtualBox

Once again I am using a VirtualBox VM to help me watch a streaming sporting event on a Linux host. This past football season I was Watching the Georgia Bulldogs in a Virtualbox VM running on Ubuntu, and this time I am able to watch the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament from a Windows 7 Beta VM hosted on Kubuntu. Similar to my scenario before, Firefox is an unsupported browser for the streaming game broadcasts available from I needed IE so I started up my Windows VM and started watching the games.

Here’s some quick details about my setup.

  • Host OS is Kubuntu 8.10 with KDE 4.1.4 desktop
  • I am using VirtualBox version 2.1.4
  • VM has 512 MB of RAM with the video memory set to 128 MB
  • VM uses a single vCPU
  • VM has Intel VT-x, nested paging, and 3D acceleration enabled
  • VM is running Windows 7 Beta

The video stream is surprisingly smooth with occasional, but very brief, periods of choppiness. I’ll attribute this partly to the fact that I am wireless and the ads on the web page contain random animation.

I wish I was as happy about my bracket as I am about VirtualBox!

Here is a screen shot of the VM settings. Continue reading



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