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Welcome to the VIRTUMANIA Podcast! A weekly virtulization discussion hosted by me, Rich Brambley (@rbrambley).

VIRTUMANIA is an Infosmack Production that will try to focus on the operational and administrative viewpoints of all things virtualization, so expect a guest roster of different bloggers, architects, administrators, engineers and consultants appearing on each new episode.

New VIRTUMANIA episodes will be announced as new posts here on VM /ETC. Be sure to subscribe to the VM /ETC RSS feed in your favorite RSS reader. You can also get the published .mp3 each week from the podcast’s RSS feed.

Of course, you can subscribe to the VIRTUMANIA podcast on iTunes, download, or listen to each episode from the player here on this page.

OR add the podcast feed to your favorite podcatcher or feed reader.

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Be sure to check out and subscribe to the Infosmack podcast as well!

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