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MSTechEd NA 2011 Tuesday Live!

I’m headed back to MSTechEd NA 2011 at the GWCC in Atlanta, GA again, and here’s another CoveritLive Ticker for Tuesday’s live comments, pics, videos, etc. I also regularly add other attendee’s tweets to get a bigger perspective on things as they happen.

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My MSTechEd 2011 Keynote Summary and Notes

MSTechEd 2011 kicked off this morning from the Georgia World Congress Center in downtown Atlanta, GA. I attended the Keynote session, and the following are my summary impressions and thoughts.

If you would like to follow my live Monday CoveritLive stream of comments, tweets, photos, videos, and audio tune in here:

Cloud Power
There is no doubt that the primary message for today and the rest of this week is Microsoft’s private and public cloud offerings, tools, and integration. Whether from a phone, tablet, notebook, or desktop, and of course in the datacenter, Microsoft plans on a future dependent on cloud applications and services.

By the way, Microsoft mentioned that Apple IOS and Android based devices would be supported in the MS cloud. We listened to hints about using System Center via an iPad and Office via a phone, but I did not get an impression that anything actually exists for these devices today. Personally, I’d be happy with IOS or Android Apps for the Office Suite, but we’ll see where this ends up soon enough.

Just like VMware’s messaging, Microsoft spoke for a brief period about the future of server deployments and viirtualization’s impact on server hardware sales and implementation. The gist of this part of the talk was that virtualization leads to more server deployments without significant impact to server hardware sales, and that IT Pros will eventually shift to either higher level functions while their physical infrastructures are no longer as important or even in their own control. This line of speaking has always made the guy in the trenches shutter, but it is a reality of the cloud. SLAs and contract guarentees will soon become the new configuration tweaks for today’s private datacenter admins who migrate to the hybrid cloud of the future.

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MSTechEd 2011 Live! Monday

Tune in for Monday live coverage from TechEd 2011 in Atlanta, GA

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TechEd 2011 Live! Sunday

Join me as I wander around the Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC), the site of Microsoft TechEd NA 2011, today. Even though the official conference does not start until tomorrow, there is plenty happening between the Georgia Dome, Phillips Arena, and the GWCC

I will occasionally ad some live comments, audio, video and photos throughout my day.

Experience Sunday at TechEd 2011 vicariously through!

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Microsoft TechEd NA 2011 Coverage

I’ll be covering Microsoft Teched North America 2011 from the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA next week. Look for a combination of live posts and session summaries. As in the past, I am going to try to use as much as possible.

Join me live NOW (for a parctice session) by logging in below with your Twitter, Facebook or OpenID account!

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Cost Effective Virtualization Training From Train Signal

Image of Train Signal from Twitter

Image of Train Signal

If you did not already know about Train Signal and their video training series then I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you have been missing out. If you read this blog or listen to the VIRTUMANIA podcast then surely you’re in the know. Train Signal is a long time sponsor here at VM /ETC (as well as at most all of the popular v12n blogs), a friend to and guest of the podcast, a returning sponsor of the VMUnderground VMWorld Warm Up Party, and always highly visible in the community with free video give aways at VMUGs, conferences and events.

I do not just blog about Train Signal because of business, however. I possess several of their videos and know several of the instructors. Train Signal is well worth the investment whether for one individual or an entire staff.

With the recent release of the vSphere Pro Series Vol 2 containing instruction provided by vExperts and recent VIRTUMANIA guests David Davis, Hal Rottenberg, Rick Scherer, Eric Siebert, and Sean Clark (Hey Rick, I got to get you on the show too!) Train Signal keeps adding great content to an already awesome collection for those looking for cost effective, at your own pace virtualization training.

What I find most amazing about Train Signal is the multiple formats available. With DVD, AVI, WMV, MP3, MP4 for iPods/iPads/smartphones, and even PDF you have the flexibility to learn where ever you are and how ever you need. Now, with instant online access via the My Training Portal as well, you don’t even have to wait for the media to be shipped to you! I was recently amazed when I was able to stream videos to my HTC EVO!

Here’s a quick list of the virtualization training series that I feel are well worth checking into. Be sure to check the free videos listed at the end of this post too!

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VIRTUMANIA Episode 17: Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Is Not Over Commit

The VIRTUMANIA continues with Episode 17! Rick Vanover jumps in the co-host chair for me this episode. We are joined by special guests Ben Armstrong, Adam Fazio, and Brent Ozar. The following is the podcast summary:

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 17 – Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Is Not Over Commit Hosted by Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC with co host Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) of Guests include Ben Armstrong, Microsoft Virtualization Program Manager, (@virtualpcguy VirtualPCGuy Blog), Adam Fazio, Microsoft Consulting, (blog), and Brent Ozar (@brentO) of This week’s show starts with some talk about the recent keynotes, demos, and sessions from the Microsoft TechEd 2010 conference in New Orleans, LA, but then quickly switches to an explanation of what the new Hyper-V Dynamic Memory feature really is, and more importantly, is not. Virtumania is an Infosmack Production.

Listen to the podcast with the embedded player or subscribe to get a weekly copy so you can listen when convenient.

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Check out the VM /ETC VIRTUMANIA Page to listen to past episodes as well as episodes of Infosmack.

The following links offer more information on some of the topics mentioned in VIRTUMANIA Episode 17:

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