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VIRTUMANIA Episode 21: Announcing WUPaaS. Exploring vSphere 4.1. Denying ESXi. Predicting VMWorld.

The VMUNDERGROUND invades VIRTUMANIA Episode 21 with a special VMWorld 2010 Warm Up Party announcement! Rick Vanover is my co host and we are joined by special guests Sean Clark and Brian Knudtson. The following is the podcast summary:

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 21Announcing WUPaaS. Exploring vSphere 4.1. Denying ESXi. Predicting VMWorld. Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC and Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) of are joined this episode by Sean Clark (@vseanclark) of and Brian Knudtson (@bknudtson) of This week we talk about everything VMworld 2010, point out some changes introduced with vSphere 4.1, air some concerns about using ESXi in the future, and announce the 2010 theme of the VMUnderground VMWorld Warm Up Party. Virtumania is an Infosmack Production.

Before, between, and after the important stuff we also have some fun with Sean’s hat, swagger wagons, iPads (again!), Dr. Seuss, VMworld 2010, and more!

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The following links offer more information on some of the topics mentioned in VIRTUMANIA Episode 21:

WUPaaS – VMWorld 2010 VMUnderground Warm UP Party as a Service

Warm-up Party Info

2010 sponsors

VMWorld Thread

ESX4 is the last version with a Service Console

vSphere 4.1 and ESXi (

“Up until now I have been really fighting this evolution to ESXi.  When you find something that works well, change can be a little unnerving.  On that note, VMware has really addressed a great deal of my concerns with the release of vSphere 4.1 ESXi.”

vSphere 4.1

VMware Advances Foundation for Cloud Computing With VMware vSphere 4.1 and Expanded Virtualization Management Portfolio (

ESXi Hosts, AD Integrated Security Gotcha (

“Using Active Directory-integrated security in this configuration can impact your licensing responsibility if device client access licenses (CALs) are used. I reached out to Microsoft to clarify how this applies.”

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