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VIRTUMANIA Episode 17: Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Is Not Over Commit

The VIRTUMANIA continues with Episode 17! Rick Vanover jumps in the co-host chair for me this episode. We are joined by special guests Ben Armstrong, Adam Fazio, and Brent Ozar. The following is the podcast summary:

VIRTUMANIA Podcast Episode 17 – Hyper-V Dynamic Memory Is Not Over Commit Hosted by Rich Brambley (@rbrambley) of VMETC with co host Rick Vanover (@rickvanover) of Guests include Ben Armstrong, Microsoft Virtualization Program Manager, (@virtualpcguy VirtualPCGuy Blog), Adam Fazio, Microsoft Consulting, (blog), and Brent Ozar (@brentO) of This week’s show starts with some talk about the recent keynotes, demos, and sessions from the Microsoft TechEd 2010 conference in New Orleans, LA, but then quickly switches to an explanation of what the new Hyper-V Dynamic Memory feature really is, and more importantly, is not. Virtumania is an Infosmack Production.

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The following links offer more information on some of the topics mentioned in VIRTUMANIA Episode 17:

Microsoft TechEd US 2010

Virtualization Sessions

BRENT’s Session:

BEN’s Session:

App-V for Servers

Hyper-V Dynamic Memory

Adam’s Someday Lounge

“Someday Lounge is community developed by five individuals with a mission to break free from the banal that define our culture. It was borne out of the need to express a crazy idea, try something different, or see something beautiful in a setting accessible to all. We depend on Artist and Audience to sustain this ambitious project to bring a diverse set of ideas on and off the stage and create a community where none existed. Together with a huge contingent of supporters, volunteers, workers, designers, Eric, Kris, Giuseppe, Mike, Adam, and Noah, Someday opened it’s doors in September 06 hosting a series of PICA T:BA 06 events.

Someday there will be a waystation and a headquarters for the cultural revolution to present its many faces to the public at large. Sit back, have a drink, and enjoy the show. Someday has arrived.”

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