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Hello VMworld 2009 Infrastructure – Cisco UCS and EMC V-Max

vmworld 2009 datacenter at escalatorsOn the Virtual Geek Blog, Chad published some early photos of the server infrastructure in use for VMworld 2009.

VMworld – V-Max – powered up and ready to go!

Chad’s post title indicates the VMworld 2009 datacenters are using EMC’s Symmetrix V-Max for storage.

Some links for EMC V-Max
Symmetrix V-Max: A New Paradigm For Storage Virtualization?
Symmetrix V-Max: Storage Architecture Redefined
A great new VMware View/Cisco UCS/VMax whitepaper
EMC VMax: V stands for bigger – Storage Soup

On, Richard provides some additional details about the VMworld servers:

At least 512 Cisco UCS blades at VMworld 2009!

“This year there will be 3 ‘datacenters’ at the event where VMware is placing all its kit to support all the hands-on labs, email stations, booths, etc. The biggest datacenter is showing 16 Racks with each 4 Cisco UCS blade chasis, with each 8 blades = 512 Blades! WOW!!”

Some links for Cisco UCS
Cisco UCS and Nexus 1000V design diagram with Palo adapter
More on Cisco UCS
What are the hardware components of UCS – Ciscowiki
The good and bad of Cisco’s UCS servers

Looks like the bottom of the main escalators at the Moscone Center will be a great spot to get warm if needed! 😉

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