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vSphere Client Options and Screenshots

If you have not had advanced access to the VMware vSphere Beta or attended VMworld Europe 2009 or Partner Exchange 2009 Labs and you are just itching to see the new client management interface look and feel, then there are plenty of blogs with feature screen shots posting daily. This post is just a generic introduction to the new vSphere client options,  but primarily features  screen shots of the new vSphere web interface.

Windows vSphere Client

If you just need a general walk through in order to get a look and feel comparison based on what you already know about the current VI3 client and administration, check out Jason Boche’s A random collection of what’s new vSphere eye candy.

The image below (from Jason’s post) is the vSphere Client Home page available when connected to vCenter.


Web Based vSphere Client

I’m surprised that more has not been posted about the new web client available with vSphere. VMware has switched to the VMware Server 2,0 style web interface now. Although this interface has not been an adminstrator’s favorite in the past, I welcome the change specifically because it enables more administration ability from Linux desktops.

Some vSphere web client coverage I’ve seen so far has been Eric Sloof’s Generate a Virtual Machine Desktop Shortcut.

As Eric points out in his post, web access to a vSphere host needs to be enabled first. To check if the Web Access daemon is running at the vSphere console enter

#service vmware-webAccess status

To start it use the  following command :

#service vmware-webAccess start

Click on the following images for a larger view.

Web Client Inventory Management

The Web VM Console

If you attempt to manage Windows VMs from a Linux machine using the web interface you may run into problems sending ctrl+alt+del to the VM operating system. Check my previous post on this issue for a quick work around.

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  • Jason Boche

    The web MUI looks a lot like VMware Server 2.x (which I don't like, I much prefer the VMware Server 1.x management). It probably won't matter too much as I don't use the web MUI all that much.

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  • Rick P.

    Is this the same as in ESXi 4.0?
    Mine does not come up…

  • rbrambley


    You do have to enable the web service on the ESX host first, but I
    have not specifically checked ESXi4 yet.

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