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VCDX announced – Advanced Certification for VMware Infrastructure Design

In the May 2008 edition of the VMware Partners email newsletter I received this week there is news of the official availability of the VMware Certified Design Expert certification or VCDX. From the email:

Advanced Certification for VMware Infrastructure Design
The VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is an advanced certification developed for design architects of VMware enterprise deployments. There are four core validation components for achieving this certification.

  1. Must be certified as a VMware Certified Professional (VCP) on VMware Infrastructure 3
  2. Pass the VMware Enterprise Exam. This exam includes live lab items and will test a higher level of skill set than the VCP exam. Check out the blueprint for this exam.
  3. Pass the VMware Design Exam. This exam focuses on actual design and contains and situational questions
  4. Submit, present and defend a successful VMware Infrastructure design plan

The first exam required will be available
April 30, 2008. To prepare, make sure you complete your VCP on VMware Infrastructure 3 [omitted]. You may take one of three courses as a prerequisite: VMware Infrastructure 3: Install and Configure; VMware Infrastructure 3: Deploy, Secure and Analyze; or VMware Infrastructure 3: Fast Track. has also been updated with information about the VCDX cert. Go to VMware Education Services to find out more.

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