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Power and Cooling Savings Calculator – Platespin

If you are in a hurry and want to quickly get a “guesstimate” of power and cooling savings from server consolidation check out an online calculator from Platespin. The PowerRecon Power and Cooling Savings Calculator is pre-populated with commonly accepted industry values and essentially makes it very easy for you to enter the number of physical servers to match your datacenter and then hit the “calculate” button. Not only does it give you savings figures, but it provides some basic virtual host consolidation ratios for you too.

Platespin is using some big assumptions in these calculations. From the calculator’s page:

This simplified Power and Cooling ROI calculator approximates an ideal consolidation ratio using processor utilization data only and an underlying assumption that all server workloads are the same. In reality, server workloads are all different and calculating the ideal consolidation ratio is far more complex – factoring in a number of variables.

1. All servers have identical hardware configurations.
2. Every watt consumed generates 1 watt of heat.
3. Air conditioning runs at 100% efficiency: Every watt of heat requires 1 watt to cool.

Read the above again carefully. Do not go running to your CIO with the results from this calculator and promise the savings. Use this page to “wet the appetite” for a real capacity analysis project.

Just for fun I ran the calculator for 25 servers. Another nice feature is that the results can be emailed, although the text email is far less appealing than the tabled web results. Here’s the email I received with the results of my test (I only changed the number of servers and left everything else at the already provided values):

Platespin Calculator sshotThank you for using our online calculator. These values are an approximation of your power and cooling savings after consolidation and are based on processor utilization only. To get a full picture of your power and cooling utilization, purchase PowerRecon from our online store

Here are your results:

Before Virtualization:
Number of physical servers before consolidation: 25 Servers
Average power consumption per server: 750 W/Server
Cost per kWh: 0.1 kWh
Average processor utilization before consolidation: 5 % processor utilization
Target processor utilization (per host) after consolidation: 60 % processor utilization
Virtualization overhead (% of processor used by the virtualization layer): 10 % virtualization overhead

After Virtualization:
Number of Servers after Consolidation: 2
Consolidation Ratio: 10 VM’s Per Host
Power & Cooling Savings per Year: 295,650 kWh
Power & Cooling Savings per Year: $29,565.00 Per Year

If you have any questions, please direct them to or contact us at 1-877-528-3774.


The PlateSpin Team

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  • DeLonghi Pinguino

    this is such great information. thanks for the insight.

  • DeLonghi Pinguino

    this is such great information. thanks for the insight.



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